A Letter to Gabriel


I met you in time when everything was so dim and future was unseen,
I keep telling myself that maybe you're just one in a million, who would come and go in my life.
And i was right!
Now, i turned my imagination that maybe just maybe, or exactly; you were God's given lesson.
Lesson that in life: everything happens for a reason.
But then tears unexpectedly vanished into my eyes as i reluctantly look back to the times you were with me.
You are the piece of puzzle in my dream guy's world.
You are perfect that God hesitant to give you to me.
Being with you, I knowingly believe that fairytale did come true.
Being in your arms feels like heaven, I feel safe wrapped around your body.
Your scent faints me in deeper insanity,
Your smile made me fall deeply gone into the bewildered of life,
Your cranked laugh makes me want to question God why He conceals you for so many years.
And now, you're gone I keep asking God what's wrong?
But maybe, He wants me to stop dreaming about you,
That no YOU and ME in this unfairly world.
I look back but never regret the solitude of knowing you,
Still, i never fail to THANK GOD; i met YOU.



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